Our Charges

Account Charges

Dealing commission (online and telephone) £9.50 fixed rate
Certificated dealing commission £19.50 fixed rate
International dealing commission Refer to overseas dealing rates
Trading account admin fee Free
ISA administration fee (per annum) £50.00 + VAT
Junior ISA administration fee (per annum) £20.00 + VAT
ISA APS administration fee (per annum) £50.00 + VAT
Late payment administration charge £20.00 + VAT *
Late document delivery charge £25.00 + VAT
Cash withdrawal fee (per occasion, Share dealing and ISA accounts only) £15.00 + VAT
Non activity fee Nil
Dividend collection Free
Income facility (quarterly payment) Free
Transfer in of UK shares including certificate Free
Call payments and rights issues Free
Transfer out of UK held securities (per line) £10 + VAT
Transfer in and out of international stocks held by an overseas custodian Please contact us for details
Ad hoc statements and valuations (per occasion) £5.00 + VAT (available free online)
Annual company reports and accounts (per occasion) £5.00 + VAT (available free online)
Proxy voting or letter of representation for attendance at shareholder meetings (per occasion) £20.00 + VAT
Account transfer / closure (ISA / JISA only) £50.00 + VAT
Certificated withdrawal from Share dealing account (per occasion) £10.00 + VAT
Call retrieval fee £25.00 + VAT
Unpaid cheque fee (per occasion) £50.00 + VAT

All purchases of UK stocks and equities are currently subject to 0.5% stamp duty (1% on Irish stocks). Shares listed on AIM are not subject to stamp duty.

Transactions over £10,000 are also subject to a £1 PTM levy. Administration charges are collected in four equal payments in arrears or on closure if earlier including any balance for the current fiscal year. Dealing commission is taken at the time of the bargain.

Any counterparty charges will be shown separately on your contract note as a market side charge.

If you are buying or selling a CDI (CREST Depository Interest) of a US stock, you will be charged an additional 0.1% with a minimum of £15/€15/$20 by the market and this will show on your contract note as a market side charge. A CDI is a UK financial security that represents a stock traded on a stock exchange outside the UK.

* In addition, debit interest will be charged in accordance with clause 10.6 (i) of the terms and conditions.