Share dealing Account

With a shareDeal active Share dealing account you can buy and sell shares over the internet or on the telephone. The shares are held by us electronically, reducing paperwork and allowing you to concentrate on selecting your stocks. Apply online and providing you make your application during office hours, your account will be open in a matter of minutes so you can begin trading the same day.

How much does it cost to deal in my Share dealing Account?

Deal over the internet or on the telephone for the same low fixed commission rate of £9.50 per trade; you can also refer to our full list of charges. Please note that most purchases of UK stocks and equities are currently subject to 0.5% stamp duty (1% on Irish Stocks) and transactions over £10,000 are also subject to a £1 PTM levy.

Can we open a joint account?

Yes you can, but this facility is not currently available online. To open a joint account you will need to download an application form. Please complete this form, ensure both of you sign it at the bottom, and post it to us.

What can I invest in?

You can invest in a wide range of products including UK listed shares, Gilts, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Investment Trusts, Unit Trusts, shares listed on the IRS (International Retail Service) and CDIs of US stocks. You can also trade on 9 international exchanges, details of which can be found on the overseas dealing rates page.

How do I pay for purchases?

You can pay money into your share dealing account by debit card, cheque or by bank transfer. Once you've paid for your first deal you can trade on extended settlement periods of up to 20 working days up to a discretionary limit which increases as your portfolio grows.

Will I get the best price for my shares?

Whether you deal over the internet or over the telephone, our dealing system will automatically poll all available market makers to obtain the best price available in the market at that time.

What extras do you offer online?

You can set up a fantasy portfolio online to monitor price movements and keep up to date with all the latest information with our online research centre.

How do I apply?

Refer to the apply online page and you could be trading today.