ISA Accounts

In today's difficult economic climate, it is more important than ever to maximize your returns with a tax efficient, stocks and shares ISA. With a shareDeal active Flexible ISA you choose where and when to make your investments, building a portfolio to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of an ISA account?

All profits made within an ISA account are completely free from capital gains tax and there is no further income tax due on dividends paid on shares held within the ISA wrapper.

You can withdraw and replace money (not shares) in the same tax year without it counting as a subscription. Only money withdrawn in a tax year can be replaced - it cannot be carried forward into the next tax year eg. if you withdraw £1000 in tax year 1 without replacing it and then another £1000 in tax year 2, only £1000 can be replaced in tax year 2. Please note that a cash withdraw fee will be charged each time you request money from your ISA.

Please note that should you wish to transfer your ISA to another ISA Manager, if money is withdrawn and not replaced prior to transfer, the repayment cannot be made with the new ISA manager

What can I invest in?

You can invest in a wide range of ISA eligible products including UK listed shares, gilts, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Investment Trusts, shares listed on the IRS (International Retail Service) and CDIs of US stocks. We also offer access to Unit Trusts and OEICs. In addition, you gain access to 9 international exchanges, details of which can be found on the overseas dealing rates page.

How much can I subscribe to an ISA account?

The subscription allowance for the current tax year is £.

How much does it cost?

Deal over the internet or on the telephone for the same low fixed flat rate of £9.50 per trade. There is also an annual management charge of £50 + VAT. A full list of all charges can be found under the our charges section of the website.

Can I transfer shares I already own into an ISA account?

Under HMRC rules it is not possible to transfer shares you already hold directly into an ISA. They must be moved using a process known as BED & ISA where the shares are sold, the money moved to the ISA and the shares instantly bought back.

Please note that when buying the same shares back there will be a small difference in price due to the bid / offer spread, you will be charged commission and government stamp duty may apply on the purchase - this means you will not be able to buy back the same number of shares.

For more information please contact our dealing team on 01892 510515 or please click here for further details.

Can I fund an ISA for a family member?

An ISA is an individual allowance and generally the individual must pay for it themselves. However, it is possible for a parent or spouse to gift money to the ISA applicant. We would require a completed ISA application form signed by the applicant and a cheque with a letter from the person gifting the money. This letter must state that they are gifting this money to the ISA applicant for the purpose of this investment and that upon investment they will have no further claim to the money. If you wish to transfer funds from your sharedealing account to your child or spouse in order to fund their ISA, please complete this letter and return it to us

Bed and ISA's - What are they and how do they work?

Did you know you can take advantage of your ISA allowance without having to subscribe any new money by using a process known as "Bed and ISA". You simply instruct us to sell shares you already hold and transfer the proceeds (up to the annual allowance limit) to your ISA - the proceeds are then used to buy back your shares.

All you need to do is open an ISA account, if you haven't got one already, and then complete this form with details of which shares you would like to Bed and ISA from your nominee account, and email it to

Alternatively, if you hold the share certificate(s), send them to us, together with a signed Crest Transfer Form (one for each holding) and a copy of this form - please ensure you open an ISA online before sending us your certificates.

Crest Transfer Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Please note that when buying the same shares back there will be a small difference in price due to the bid/offer spread, you will be charged commission on the sale and the repurchase, and government stamp duty will apply on the purchase - this means you will not be able to buy back the same number of shares.

If you would like any more information, please call us or email us at

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply for an ISA, please click on one of the buttons below

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Additional Permitted Subscriptions (APS)

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